Tuesday, November 18, 2014

RSPO RT12: On Compensation Liability and riparian reserves (update 1)

On Compensation Liability: RSPO reported that 35 companies submitted with 7 providing on LUC analysis. Observers ask if the previously cited $2500/hectare figure has now shifted to the higher end of $3000/hectare. Darrel Webber cites 280,000 hectares (globally) needs to be compensated.....

On riparian reserve remediation: These need to be 5 meters wide along small waterways. You need to measure at maximum width of the channel (ie. just before it floods, not the regular water's width). In some areas a wider reserve is appropriate if the waterway is upstream of communities (i.e. HCV 5) then the reserve width should 15-30 meters.

In areas of regular and extended flooding, the new RPSP P&C 2013 says there should be a review of suitable areas for planting. Thus, such areas should be left as natural vegetation.

Artificial waterways need not have a reserve. But since good water and soil management needed, for small channels which can transport pollution to natural waterways, there has to be reduced spraying of agro-chemicals within 10-15 meters of the edge of drainage channels linked to such natural water ways. Site planning should also reduce disconnected riparian zones which expand the risk of water pollution.

Restoration of degraded habitats.....

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