Sunday, November 2, 2014

Australia sugar marketing tussle: producer QSL versus foreign-owned processors

More on the producer versus processor tussle in Australia sugar. Call to legislate on "growers economic interest."

Export marketer Queensland Sugar Limited calls for legislation to formalise 'growers economic interest' QLD Country Hour – Craig Zonca  Updated Thu at 9:37am, ABC Rural; "... The inquiry was prompted by the decision of foreign owned milling companies, Wilmar, MSF and Tully Sugar to sever ties with the QSL-operated export marketing system in 2017... "Market failure is here," said QSL chief executive Greg Beashel. "Monopoly powers are being used to try to force marketing services onto growers... Growers won't accept that and neither will QSL... The best solution would have been for the industry to work this out commercially, we haven't been able to get that done so we now have the view the only option is legislative intervention."... In its submission to the senate inquiry, QSL argues for legal recognition of the long-held convention that farmers have an 'economic interest' in over two-thirds of the raw sugar produced by milling companies... The model is currently acknowledged in commercial agreements between cane growers and millers to set out the exposure farmers have to the raw sugar price. QSL believes that if 'growers economic interest' was formalised, growers would then have more power to choose how the sugar produced from their cane is marketed.

Audio [5:11]QSL's Greg Beashel calls for government action to break sugar industry 'stalemate'

Other news links:

Australia's largest sugar miller argues reregulation would be 'retrograde' step, QLD Country Hour – Craig Zonca  Updated Thu 23 Oct 2014, 4:34 PM AEDT; "Wilmar argues reregulaton of the sugar industry would be a retrograde step.... Australia's largest sugar miller, Wilmar, remains resolute in its bid to market its entire sugar production from 2017. The Singaporean-based company started a bitter battle in the industry when it announced in April that it will sever ties with the century-old pool marketing system operated by Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL)..."

Cane growers welcome inquiry into sugar marketing changes, ABC Rural – Suzannah Baker  Updated Fri 5 Sep 2014, 4:03 PM AEST; "A senate inquiry has been announced into the sugar marketing issue that's been labelled as anti-competitive.... A Senate committee inquiry will examine the current bitter marketing battle that has divided the Australian sugar industry... It comes as rural lobby group Canegrowers fights for government intervention into the sugar marketing battle that has put a huge question mark over the future of the century-old, industry-owned sugar marketer, Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL).... At the centre of the debate is Australia's largest sugar miller, Singaporean-owned Wilmar, which is severing ties with QSL to instead market its two million tonnes of sugar in-house... Other sugar millers, the Thai-owned MSF and Chinese-controlled Tully Sugar, will follow suit and withdraw their share of sugar from the QSL pool at the end of the 2016 season.
Under the inquiry's terms of reference, the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee will consider growers' claim to sugar ownership, supply chain issues including equitable access to infrastructure, the impacts of foreign ownership and whether there is a need for stronger competition laws...."

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